ECO INDUSTRIAL & EXPORT CO., LTD. was officially established in 2016 with registered capital of 5,000,000 baht, in the year 2021 the registered capital has been increased

To 15,000,000 baht with the objective is to providing waste management services and recyclable waste materials.

“Leading services provider of industrial waste management. Quality and ethic are our priority”

“Offer a fully integrated approach to industrial waste management and preserve the environment”

Environmental policy

ECO INDUSTRIAL & EXPORT CO., LTD, was purchase service accepting SCRAP BOI auctions and providing industrial waste disposal services

Including the separation of non-hazardous waste, strives to serve customers with care for the environment and reduce the impact on the environment to a minimum, and our company will proceed as follows

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Implement the ISO14001:2015 standard to work for continuous improvement to enhance environmental performance and protect the environment as well as prevent various pollution that may arise from the company’s business operations such as waste, wastewater, and optimal use of resources.
Comply with and under the contractual obligations, legal regulations, customer requirements, and other environmental requirements related to the company’s business.
Communicate the environmental policy to employees and external suppliers so that it can be understood and implemented effectively, and that everyone participates in the environmental management system and discloses this policy to the public and stakeholders.
Provide adequate and adequate resource support as well as encourage employees to have a proper understanding of environmental operating procedures and under international standards ISO 14001:2015.

Environmental target objectives

The Company has set the following environmental target objectives to enhance environmental performance and to comply with laws and contractual obligations


Carry out proper waste management under the law.


Training and fire evacuation drills as required by law.


Conduct environmental control to meet the specified standards, not less than 80%.


No environmental complaints from related parties.